Award winning architecture photography for Blythe & Watchorn Builders

Congratulations to Blythe & Watchorn Builders for winning Apartment of the Year at the recent HIA Awards in Tasmania.

I have been photographing their building and renovation projects for a few years now and it is always a shared pleasure when a client wins an award with photography I have done for them.


Loic has been taking pictures of our projects for both award entries and advertising purposes for the last three years.

He manages to capture the best aspects of our work time and time again.

We have won several awards using his images and are always thrilled with the pictures that he has taken for us.

Rob Watchorn


Here are some of the images of the winning project:

llg_1098 llg_1223 llg_1169 llg_1162 llg_1157 llg_1150 llg_1132 llg_1129-edit llg_1109-edit llg_1106 llg_1105-2 llg_1104llg_1244

Spectra light installation

The inaugural Dark MOFO festival has been a great success in Hobart.

Last Saturday I was able to photograph one of the most popular pieces of the festival : Spectra by Ryoji Ikeda. 16 massive xenon lights shot their beams 15 kms straight up into the atmosphere.

Click here to view the 360 interactive panorama.

The shoot was quite tricky as they were people moving very quickly, the timber floor was shaking a lot, people were bumping my tripod, etc. I’m happy to have pulled that one of ! Hope you enjoy it.

Below is the view looking straight up from the centre of the installation.


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