A month of Auroras in Tasmania…

By Loic Le Guilly

Well May 2013 has been a fantastic month for auroras in Tasmania.

May 01

The first day of May gave us a small aurora and a nice clear sky. I was able to get some good images from the Signal Station on Mount Nelson, including this cool 360 panorama with the historic Signal Station, the Milky Way and the city lights (click on the image to take a spin).

you can buy a print here

May 15

On May 15 the aurora alerts were going off again. This time I decided to head to Mount Wellington (just above Hobart) to capture a different view. The moon was out so the sky wasn’t as dark as for the previous one but it still was a good night of photography.

When I got the the summit the outside temperature was -1 celsius. Luckily there wasn’t a breath of air so it was fairly pleasant and after a couple of hours of photography only my feet were starting to feel pretty cold.

The drive down the Moutain was interesting as the road was glistening with ice cristals… very slippery.


I also got this 360 panorama with city lights, aurora and Milky Way… very happy with the result (click the image to take a spin).


Aurora and startrails


June 01

Finally on the first day of winter, a big aurora hit the southern skies. This time I decided to take a 75 minute timelapse (resulting in 26 seconds of footage).

This aurora timelapse video was published worldwide on various news websites, including on NBCNews.com

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