Sydney on a mobile phone

By Loic Le Guilly

I spent the weekend in Sydney and I thought I’d leave the big camera home and just use my new mobile phone (HTC One M8) to grab some snaps.

I’m impressed with the results. It certainly isn’t a Nikon D800 but for something that fits in your pocket it is great.

The images below are straight from the camera with no editing apart from resizing and a bit of cropping on a couple of them. All of them were shot handheld.

IMAG0022IMAG0167 IMAG0173 IMAG0174 IMAG0025  IMAG0030

The little girl kept saying “skull… skull… skull”. I had to point out that in fact they are astronauts. 😉

IMAG0033 IMAG0037 IMAG0040 IMAG0047 IMAG0049    IMAG0068 IMAG0073 IMAG0074 IMAG0080_BURST002  IMAG0117  IMAG0123 IMAG0127  IMAG0133 IMAG0135  IMAG0148 IMAG0149 IMAG0151_1 IMAG0154


Spiegeltent timelapse preview

Last night I shot a few timelapse sequences for a music video for a couple of bands that performed in the Spiegeltent for the festival 10 Days on the Island.

Here are some preview frames…





Exhibition : Love The Tarkine

By Loic Le Guilly

Dear friends

Please join us for the opening of the exhibition “Love The Tarkine” at the Long Gallery, Salamanca, Hobart on Thursday 06 March at 6pm.

The show itself runs until the 16th March.

This is a group showing of over 50 established and up and coming Tasmanian artists whose work celebrates the special qualities of the Tarkine. The exhibition is an opportunity to open hearts and minds to the spectacular beauty and natural values of the Tarkine as seen through the eyes of the contributing artists.

Guest Speakers at the opening are:

– Janet Laurence, 2013 Glover Prize winner;

– Bob Brown, environmentalist;

– Ruth Langford, the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre;

– Rob Blakers, wilderness photographer.

There will be light refreshments and music during the evening.

Please share this invitation and we look forward to seeing you there!

All things Tarkine

Sydney loves the Tarkine

By Loic Le Guilly

I have donated 2 prints to be auctioned tomorrow at the fundraiser “Sydney Loves The Tarkine” (more information here). The event is to raise money for the documentary  ‘Battle for the Tarkine’ and for critical campaign video production to create awareness for the Tarkine.

The prints are the following:

Dip Falls

Dip Falls, Tarkine

Dark Pond

This image won the Wrestpoint Art Award in 2013 (photo media category).


If you are in Sydney tomorrow, please go and support the campaign to protect the Tarkine.

Giant Tarkine calendar by Rob Blakers !

My good friend Rob Blakers has produced a BIG calendar for the Tarkine (560mm x 640mm). The photography is stunning as always for Rob’s work and the quality of the calendar is outstanding. Because of the size and the quality of the printing, each image can also be framed. A real bargain.

Click here to buy it directly from Rob Blakers’ website.

Tarkien calendar

Tarkine book

TheTarkine-cover200Just a reminder that Chris Bell (another amazing Tasmanian photographer) has produced a beautiful book about the Tarkine.

You can view some sample images and purchase the book directly from his website.


Tarkine memories

A few days ago I came across an image that Rob Gray shot 10 years ago when we were photographing the Tarkine for a book. It is a picture of me and my beautiful friend Darvis. We are chatting away as a shower is passing over us. That day I learned to love the rain.