I have been doing a lot of architectural photography in recent years.

I have worked for Islington Hotel, Freycinet Lodge, Henry Jones Art Hotel, Woodbridge on the Derwent, The Priory County Lodge and Nant Distillery amongst others.

Nant Estate, Tasmanian highlands




State Cinema, North Hobart


Commercial architecture / IMAS building, Hobart



Smolt restaurant, Hobart


Outside shot of Freycinet Lodge (Tasmania) at dusk.
This image has become one of the hero shots used to promote the hotel.
It was shot about 10 years ago, which shows that quality photography lasts.


Holden dealership at dusk, Hobart


Islington Hotel, Hobart.
This image was shot several years ago and it is still used as one of their hero images.

Islington Hotel - exterior at night


Hero image of the Priory Country Lodge in Tasmania.

The Priory Lodge - exterior dusk

Hobart architecture and reflection


Not in Tasmania… 🙂

You can view my interior architectural photography here