aurora australis photograph

Aurora australis in Hobart… what a show !

I was lucky enough to witness and photograph this stunning aurora australis in Hobart on July 15, 2012. The aurora australis is often called southern light. The phenomenon happens when particles carried by solar winds hit the Earth’s atmosphere.

This is my first attempt at capturing an aurora and I didn’t think I’d get such an awesome result. And thanks to the little clouds that add a bit of extra movement to the image.

A big thank you to Colin Terry for allowing me to take these photos on his camera while I’m still waiting on my D800 to arrive !

aurora australis photograph

This one is 2 images stitched together so I could get more of the Milky Way in the frame.

aurora australis and milky way from Hobart, Tasmania

A comment from an Icelandic friend :
“Extremely nice! I have seen northern lights more often than I can remember… hundreds of times for sure, but only a few of those have stuck in my memory. One of which was a red burning sky, but this one you have caught, is absolutely fantastic in it’s colours, and the black sky and the milky way make it all the better.”


Prints are available for purchase.  Just contact me with your details.

As a guide a 20×30 inch canvas printed, mounted and delivered to Australia is AU$360 (for other countries contact me for a quote).
The same size printed on lustre paper (not mounted or framed is $150.
The canvas print is made with Epson archival inks on Hahnemühle Fineart Canvas (400gm). A beautiful print.

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