Aerial views of UTAS Sandy Bay

I was hired by architecture firm ClarkeHopkinsClarke to capture a range of images of the UTAS Sandy Campus. After discussion it was decided a helicopter would be the best option. We waited for the right conditions and finally got what we were after.

One of the requirements was to provide the exact altitude and focal length for each image.

Photo of two tug boats in Hobart against a light and hazy sky

Hobart tug boats

Hazy brightness this morning… the air is full of smoke due to the bushfires in the Huon Valley and further afield.

All hoping for some rain this week…

Photo of a yacht in the morning sun, Hobart harbour, Tasmania.

Cranes in the Hobart sky

On Friday I was shooting a commercial architecture job from the Hobart rooftops when these 2 cranes and beautiful clouds caught my eye.

Back in the office I started processing the image and I thought the black and white version looked impressive. I printed it straight away and the print looks so good… I love it.