Hill’s Angels

By Loic Le Guilly

These cool looking dudes are the Bali Hill’s Angels… guardians of the culture.

From what I understood they mostly keep the tourists away from the off-limits parts of temples.


By Loic Le Guilly

One evening I came across this cockfighting in a village near Ubud.

Cockfighting has a long tradition in Bali and in a religious context it is part of purification ritual to expel evil spirits. Secular cockfighting is now illegal but it seems to be still quite common…

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photo of a woman selling various things at the front of her house

Street vendor in Ubud

In rural Bali, it seems that every second house has a little shop in front of it.

This lady was close to the villa we were staying at. She is preparing one of the little baskets used for offerings.

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photo of a woman selling various things at the front of her house

Beautiful people

The thing that impressed me most in Bali was its people.

Friendly, happy, cheeky… they are truly wonderful.

I can’t wait to go back and learn more about their way of life.

I photographed these kids in Uluwatu temple on the Bukit peninsula during a religious festival.

The place was crowded with tourists but somehow the Balinese didn’t seem to mind. They just went on with their prayers (the centre of the temple was off limits to tourists).