The power of love… and photography

A week ago my wife saved this little guy’s life when the birth didn’t go to plan… It is so nice to be able to capture their special bond developing… and to me that is what photography is all about. Documenting our lives and creating memories that we can cherish for years to come.

Precious memories

Easter happiness

I love this image. My son and his friend has just discovered the chocolate eggs that I had dropped moments before as we arrived on the beach. I will always remember their little faces lightening in awe as they spotted the magical eggs. Precious memories.



photo shoot for Harmony Hill

By Loic Le Guilly

I spent 2 days photographing the beautiful Nori for Harmony Hill, a spa and beauty products company based outside of Hobart.

Nori flew especially from Japan with her makeup artist for the shoot.

We got some great shots ! The images will be used for marketing material, e-books and media articles.

Portraits of MMA fighters

By Loic Le Guilly

I have just re-processed a shot that I took at a mixed martial arts event in Hobart a while back.

I love the intensity of his eyes.  The image was taken just before the fight… the adrenalin was definitely pumping.

portrait of a MMA  fighter

And this is his opponent :

before the fight