Precious memories

Easter happiness

I love this image. My son and his friend has just discovered the chocolate eggs that I had dropped moments before as we arrived on the beach. I will always remember their little faces lightening in awe as they spotted the magical eggs. Precious memories.



photo shoot for Harmony Hill

By Loic Le Guilly

I spent 2 days photographing the beautiful Nori for Harmony Hill, a spa and beauty products company based outside of Hobart.

Nori flew especially from Japan with her makeup artist for the shoot.

We got some great shots ! The images will be used for marketing material, e-books and media articles.

Portraits of MMA fighters

By Loic Le Guilly

I have just re-processed a shot that I took at a mixed martial arts event in Hobart a while back.

I love the intensity of his eyes.  The image was taken just before the fight… the adrenalin was definitely pumping.

portrait of a MMA  fighter

And this is his opponent :

before the fight


By Loic Le Guilly

I was commissioned by a mainland magazine to photograph Katrina at Garagistes.

Garagistes is a famous restaurant in Hobart that has won praise and numerous awards in recent times. I have always thought it would be an awesome space to shoot a portrait as the light, although on the dim side, is beautiful. The black walls and timber furniture make for a gorgeous ambiance too.

The lighting I used is a mix of natural light coming mostly from the skylights and flash heads bouncing of various surfaces to fill in.