Aerial views of UTAS Sandy Bay

I was hired by architecture firm ClarkeHopkinsClarke to capture a range of images of the UTAS Sandy Campus. After discussion it was decided a helicopter would be the best option. We waited for the right conditions and finally got what we were after.

One of the requirements was to provide the exact altitude and focal length for each image.

Bellerive aerial panorama

Bellerive aerial photograph

Bellerive is a beautiful suburb of Hobart.

It is on the ‘eastern shore’, as Hobartians call it, which means that you have to cross the Tasman Bridge from the city.

The old part of Bellerive (in the middle of this picture) has some lovely historic houses with incredible views of Hobart and Mt Wellington.

Bellerive aerial panorama

Aerial view of Bellerive with Rosny and Hobart in the background.